The Memoir

Communism and the Remorse of an Innocent Victimizer (Eugenia & Hugh M. Stewart ’26 Series on Eastern Europe) – Hardcover

Texas A&M University Press, College Station, TX, 2002

“This is a remarkable narrative. I read it in a single sitting. It has bite, pace, and an excellent narrative flow. First person accounts of this quality are rare from behind the former Iron Curtain, rarer still from Bulgaria. The author has a Kundera-like Eastern European quality of introspection, and a searingly honest appraisal of his communist origins and upbringing, which makes the fall of communism and his personal disillusionment all the more poignant. The broader themes of history and politics are skillfully introduced, the turmoil they induced in Bulgaria is vividly represented. Contact with the Secret Police is presented with skill, the travail of Turkish peoples in Bulgaria is masterfully reported in the second section. . . .by far one of the most interesting works I’ve read from contemporary Eastern Europe.”—

Frederick Quinn, author of Democracy at Dawn


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